CBM Services is a group within CBM, Inc. established in 1995 to service the Telecommunications Industry. Everyone has different needs, which is why CBM Services customizes personalized programs that works best for each customer's requirements. Services include, but are not limited to: Battery Installation, Site Surveys & Evaluation, Retrofits & Repairs, DC Power Plants, Rectifiers, Inverters, and we provide documentation as requested.

  • Battery Installation

    Installation of new sites, as well as cell and string replacement. Services included: Routine removal and disposal of the old battery, and installation of a replacement battery. Follow-up services and battery warranties are also available upon request.

    All batteries are disposed of with concern for the environment and follow disposal standards set by the EPA.
  • Site Survey & Evaluation

    Surveys are an information gathering process to identify problems and correct minor abnormalities.

    Benefits: Effectively measuring the quality and life of your battery gives you the information to make informed decisions to allow for planning and budgeting.
  • Retrofits & Repairs

    Retrofits to your existing Central Office battery plant with new materials or upgrading to more efficient and space-saving technology.

    Benefits: Increasing the amount of power and distribution through retrofits to existing battery plants.
  • Rectifiers
    CBM Services can install and/or retrofit space saving energy efficient rectifiers for both central offices and outside plant cabinets.
  • Inverters
    CBM Services can provide and install inverter systems to provide reliable, high quality AC power for critical telecom loads.
  • Documentation
    Essential to any battery maintenance program, comprehensive documentation and reporting is provided to your specifications.
  • Additional Services
    DC Power Plants
    Central Office Iron Work
    Remote Site Installation
    DSL/Optical Networking Equipment