Employee Spotlight

Freeda Mathias

Sales Assistant

Number of years with CBM:

I have been employed at CBM for 9 years.  On April 23, 2012 I was sent to CBM as a temporary employee, and became permanent on Nov. 1, 2012

Freeda Mathias

What is your role at CBM?

I am the Sales Assistant.  Answering incoming phone lines is part of my position, but the majority of my role is creating and evaluating sales reports to support our sales teams

What skills do you bring to CBM that has helped you be successful?

I possess a wide variety of administrative skills. I brought many years of experience to the job.  I have a lot of initiative and am always willing to learn how to accomplish new tasks

What gives you the most satisfaction working at CBM?

There are numerous things that give me satisfaction working at CBM – I enjoy talking with customers; my interaction with the inside and outside account managers, who are very appreciative of the support I provide.  I have a wide variety of duties, and responsibilities, which make the job interesting, and challenging.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

Sewing, gardening, playing (practicing) the piano, spending time with family, and especially my three wonderful grandchildren.  My husband, Richard, and I are active in our church.  During the winter months, Richard and I enjoy putting together 1,000 piece puzzles and playing a word game – Master Boggle.

What is something that most people might not know about you?

When I was a young teen – my nickname was “Fritos”, when I was about four or five my nickname was “Butterball”!