Alternatives to Alcohol for Fiber Splicing

With the current shortages of Isopropyl Alcohol, non-alcohol alternative cleaner options for fiber optic splicing are available.  American Polywater products QuicKleen™ and AquaKleen™ Fiber Optic Cleaners are non-alcohol based and pass Telcordia GR 2923-CORE testing standards.

Polywater® QuicKleen™  

Fast Evaporating Cleaner for Ferrules, Bulkheads, and Fiber End Faces. QuicKleen™ is a unique solvent blend that cleans completely, evaporates quickly, and leaves no residue.


• Cleans Fiber End Faces: Minimizes signal loss and maximizes connectivity.

• No Flash Point: Non-hazardous for air shipment.

• Cleans Multi-Mode and Single Mode: Suitable for all glass fiber, including 1625nm.

• No Residue: No streaking ensures complete light transmission.

• Evaporates Quickly: Ready to reinsert or connect immediately after cleaning.

Polywater® AquaKleen™

Cleaner for Fiber Optic Termination, Splicing, and Maintaining Fusion-Splicing Units.  AquaKleen (AQ) Cleaner is the safe solution for maintaining clean fiber connections. It is a special blend of 90%+ deionized water-soluble cleaning solvents. AQ is environmentally friendly. It is safer than pure solvents and leaves no residue after evaporation.


• Nonflammable: Safe to use.

• Nonhazardous for Shipment: No restrictions via land or air shipping.

• Maintains Equipment: Prolongs the life of costly fiber-splicing units by cleaning heat strippers, V-grooves, and camera lenses.

• No Toxic Solvent Fumes: No irritating solvent vapor exposure.

• Made with Pure Deionized Water: No residue after evaporation to affect light transmission.


Marlene Casillo

Inside Sales Specialist