Asset Management Solutions for Utilities

the recent times have forced the CBM sales team to find new ways of doing business.  Like many companies CBM is using various platforms to communicate with our customers and identify new ways to share information with them.  CBM, working with Preformed Line Products, recently provided webinars on PLP’s UAV Inspection services to two area companies.  One was an IOU and the other was a G&T cooperative.

PLP has more than 70 years of experience in the power industry and this puts them in a perfect position to offer technology and expertise in the area of UAV inspection services.

PLP provides the following services to its customers:
·  Comprehensive Visual Inspection

·  As-Built Line Audits

·  Storm Assessments

·  Site Surveys

·  Hardware and Conductor Measurements

·  Corridor Mapping

·  Georeferenced and Catalogued Imagery

·  3D Modeling and Measurements

·  Thermal Imaging Analysis

·  GIS-Mapped Results

·  Engineering Reports

You can learn more about PLP UAV Inspection services here:

If we can provide a webinar for you or your company on UAV inspection services or anything else PLP related please reach out to your CBM representative.

CBM is proud to represent Preformed Line Product.


Tim Drake

Account Manager


BS, Aerospace Engineering, University of Missouri - Rolla