Cable Lashing by General Machine Products

Cable Lashing Parallel Pull by General Machine Products

GMP – CABLE LASHING PARALLEL PULL for J2 and C2 LASHERS is a simple add-on accessory that increases downward forces on the drive wheels that enhances traction by more than 30%.

When lashing, your lasher could slide or roll when pulling. Still, with the General Machine Product Cable Lashing Parallel Pull, the weighted bridle increases downward forces resulting in more than 30% additional lashing traction. By putting more downward pressure, your lasher will pull straighter and have better traction.

general machine products new cable lashing pull

The sleek, streamlined design will help eliminate snag points when pulling in treed or brushy areas. In addition, the added weight will reduce bouncing, which causes a lack of traction, and will give you additional traction in wet and icing conditions. Included with your Cable Lashing Parallel pull for the J2 and C2 Lasher is a 35-foot of 3-stand Nylon rope with a self-locking hook. The carrying handles make it easy to install and transport.

If you are an Aerial Cable Contractor, we highly recommend using the Cable Lashing Parallel Pull for your J2 and C2 Aerial Lashers.

You can reach out to your local CBM rep for more details and how to purchase.

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