Megger EZ thump and digiphone training at the underground school

CBM Participated with Megger in Training on EZ Thump and Digiphone Procedures

CBM is proud to have partnered again this year with Megger to assist the Missouri Coop Association with their annual underground school. Training consisted of safety procedures and operation of Megger’s EZ Thump and Digiphone.

The Megger Digiphone assists linemen in locating underground cable faults

The Megger Digiphone

Marshall Bird and Jason Aaron of Megger, together with Bill Gadberry and Doug Eggen of CBM, held 3 class sessions. They used these sessions to educate the Missouri Coop Association linemen on locating a primary underground cable fault.

These are valuable tools enabling the line crew to test the cable for fault, locate the cable and the fault, and then ‘thump’ the cable to produce an audible sound. The sound produced aids in locating the damaged portion. Marshall and Jason also demonstrated incorporating the Digiphone and the EZ Thump to allow the crews to pinpoint the fault. This minimizes both the time to find and repair the cable and minimize the amount of digging the crews need to access the fault.

The Megger EZ Thump directs a user through steps to make locating underground cable faults simple

The Megger EZ Thump

Megger’s EZ Thump is a portable tool that directs the user through a sequence of steps to simplify fault location. For information on Megger’s underground cable tools and other great products available from Megger see our offerings here.

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