Compact Modular Recloser Eliminates Maintenance

Siemens and CBM are partnering with a local IOU to provide a pilot installation of the Siemens Compact Modular Recloser (CMR).  The CMR was developed to eliminate the need for oil filled reclosers.  It has a fully integrated power system and it powered by line voltage so it is suitable for all sites, even those with inconsistent line current.

The CMR is designed to deliver a 25-year uninterrupted service life with the exception of rechargeable battery replacement every 8 years.  This eliminates the need to maintain your oil filled reclosers every 3-5 years.  The unit is small and light weight and offers intelligent wireless connectivity, GPS time reference, comprehensive event log, SCADA capability as well as a full range of TCC curves.

The CMR offers fast and easy installation, it is highly versatile and provides a fast Return On Investment.  You can learn more about the CMR here.

Please reach out to your local CBM representative if you’d like more information.


Scott Ottenberg

Account Manager


B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology, Bradley University MBA, Keller Graduate School