The New Elaspeed™ Compact Splice

Looking for a way to cable splice that minimizes errors, avoids water damage, and saves time?

The new Elaspeed™ Compact Splice, which is 25% shorter in length, is a low-profile, range-taking, 105°C-operating-temperature cable splice.  It is designed to splice tape shield, wire shield, LC shield, UniShield, JCN and flat strap shielded cables.

Compact structure allows for installation in confined areas and requires less cable to be prepared. The insulation is made from ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) on a vertical triple extruder which maintains its concentricity to tight tolerances. Elaspeed™ Compact Splices behave like EPR cable when it comes to bending in tight manhole situations.

It is tested as a cable (partial discharge and AC withstand) to ensure long and trouble-free operation under a wide variety of applications and conditions.


Nolan O'Dowd

Account Manager


B.A. in Education, Rockhurst University M.A. Math and Science, Webster University