The ElectriGrip Dielectric boot from Salisbury are protective and comfortable

ElectriGrip Dielectric from Salisbury Protective and Comfortable

Announcing Salisbury’s new 20kV Electrigrip boots. Manufactured by Muck Boots, these are well built and will afford you the protection required while in an area of step potential. With a composite toe and arc support, these boots offer a level of safety that is critical in the utility industry. 

Not only will Salisbury’s ElectriGrip Dielectric boots protect you from step potential, but they’ll also keep your feet dry and if optioned, warm in the winter

Salisbury 52000 ElectriGrip Dielectric 15″ Boots

For users who depend on dielectric boots to provide primary protection from the risk of electric shock, Electrigrip combination work and dielectric boots are engineered to deliver impressive functionality and all-day comfort. With heavy-duty outsoles for remarkable traction and slip-resistance over the most rugged terrains, the Electrigrip boots have been designed around the Honeywell Muck last. In addition, they feature a proven fit with a locking ankle to prevent heel slip. The boots are tested for hazardous environments up to 20k. Thee Electrigrip boots provide exceptional performance and protection.


  • 15 ” Height
  • Available in Sizes 5-16. Whole sizes only.


  • ASTM F2413-18 (M I/75 C/75 PR)
  • ASTM F1117 – Full boot tested to 20 kV
  • CSA Z195-14 (R2019) compliant
  • ASTM F2621 – Arc Flash tested to 40 cal/cm2

Features & Benefits:

  • RFID Tag: Every boot is supplied with an RFID tag marked with a unique serial number. RFID tags allow for easy and efficient recording of assets and the tracking of usage and compliance with testing requirements.
  • Pull-on Handles: For quick donning.
  • Reflective Stripe: Provides enhanced visibility for added user safety.
  • High-Vis Color: For quick recognition and added visibility.
  • Heel Kick-off Ledge: For easy removal.
  • Protective toe cap: Built-in composite safety toe cap.
  • Puncture Resistant Sole: Reduces the possibility of damage or injury from nails, sharp metal, or other objects that could penetrate the sole.
  • Integrated Shank: Wide supportive fiberglass shank distributes body weight evenly and reduces stress on the back, legs, and feet.
  • Superior Outsole Traction: Designed to shed mud and debris and prevent slips and falls on uneven ground, loose sand and dirt, wet grass, and slick mud.
  • Replaceable Insoles: With arch support to help reduce fatigue and a shock-absorbing heel pad, the replaceable insoles provide both cushioning and stability. With engineered high heat and cold resistance, users will appreciate comfort in the most challenging weather conditions.
  • Raised Heel with ladder grips for additional traction and stability.
  • Hand layered premium vulcanized rubber.
  • Quick-drying SBR foam lining that is lightweight and helps feet stay dry and healthy.

Not only will Salisbury’s ElectriGrip Dielectric boots protect you from step potential, but they’ll also keep your feet dry and, if optioned, warm in the winter. A great boot at a competitive price.

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