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EnerSys Services & Battery Monitoring Systems

Here at CBM, we are proud to represent EnerSys, a world leader in energy storage solutions. With over 125 years of experience, you may already know EnerSys for its superior battery product line and world-class service team. For years now, Enersys has offered a full line of expert battery installation, removal, and preventative maintenance services to help customers avoid costly downtime scenarios. Now, we can also aid in selecting and installing a battery monitoring system to pair with our Enersys batteries.

By partnering with industry leaders in battery monitoring systems, EnerSys can help you make the most educated decision in selecting the proper battery monitoring system to complete your energy storage solution. Critical to maintaining a reliable backup battery solution, a battery monitoring system will provide users with the data they need to proactively service or replace a failing battery by measuring critical parameters in real-time. Whether you need to monitor the voltage and temperature of your batteries or impedance and electrolyte levels, our EnerSys support system can offer a complete turnkey solution to help ensure that your system is within IEEE and NERC (PRC-005-6) compliance. In addition, EnerSys offers onsite inspections, wireless monitoring devices, and cloud-based real-time reporting tools for comprehensive performance analysis and data-based reporting. The resulting actionable intelligence will help you keep your operation running at peak performance and increase reliability.

Key Parameters to monitor include:

  • String voltage
  • Float current
  • Cell voltage
  • Cell resistance
  • Connection & terminal resistance
  • Negative post temperature
  • Ground fault
  • Ambient temperature
  • Optional: Electrolyte level

If you would like more information on Enersys batteries, services, or any battery monitoring systems, please reach out so we can help you reduce costs and meet compliance when selecting your battery monitoring system. For more information or a quote, please consult your local CBM rep.

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