EZ Prep – It’s All About the Tool

We’re all familiar with the expression, “it’s all about the tool”. Well this is certainly true when it comes to the EZ Prep Tool. For any fiber splicing, this is a true time saver when it comes to splitting the jacket for easy access to the fiber underneath.

Normally you would need to take the outer jacket off the cable, exposing the rip cord. Then you would need to pull the rip cord by hand with a set of pliers to expose the individual fiber casings in order to terminate. This process can be difficult and time consuming.

The EZ-Prep tool goes on the end of a standard drill and does in seconds what it would take several minutes to accomplish the same result using the standard hand/pliers pulling method. The EZ-Prep tool is manufactured in the USA, is made of heavy-duty aluminum and has a limited lifetime warranty. So, if you’re interested in reducing cable prep time, reducing labor cost and making it generally safer to handling fiber cable, this is the tool you need.

Remember” it’s all about the tool”!

About the Author

Tim Mabie

Inside Sales Specialist


BS, Psychology, Drake University, Des Moines, IA