fast ttr testing is possible with the megger ttru3

Fast TTR Testing with the Megger TTRU3

Want Fast TTR Testing and Light, Compact Equipment?

The Megger TTRU3 is the choice.  The TTRU3 is the lightest 3-phase test set on the market at just 14 lbs.  It is also small at 16” X 12” X 8”.  TTRU3 utilizes a revolutionary patent-pending 3-phase step-up ratio design to achieve its compact, lightweight footprint.

All tests are performed with one instrument, with just one 3-phase lead-set connection.  The universal lead-set allows easy connections to any transformer. In addition, the color-coded lead-set includes kelvin clamps that extend up to 3”, which is large enough for any bushing size.

the megger ttru3 provides fast ttr testing and is the lightest on the market

The patent-pending 3-phase step-up testing removes the inaccuracy associate with test voltage as compared to its 1-phase predecessors. As a result, the operator does not need to know the proper test voltage to obtain a valid test result.

In addition to fast testing of all transformers, the TTRU3 can:

  • Confirm expected nameplate configuration
  • Measures actual versus expected phase shift
  • Provides turns ratio %error vs. nameplate
  • Provides guaranteed accuracy +/-0.05% from -20C to +50C

Does your transformer have an OLTC?  If so, you will appreciate the One Touch OLTC control.  One-Touch OLTC allows you to run through an entire OLTC with one click.

You can learn more about fast TTR testing with the Megger TTRU3 here:  TTRU3 True 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratiometer.

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