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Fitel Fusion Splicer Overview

Fitel offers a wide range of fusion splicers to cover any application you may have. So whether you are using the Ninja Splicer to splice at drop sites efficiently, the S179 to accurately splice long runs in a splice tent or trailer, or the S124M12 to take care of any ribbon fiber in your network, Fitel has the machine for you.

The Fitel Ninja is a lightweight, handheld, cladding alignment splicer that is ideal for drops. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can keep you or your technicians in the field for long periods. It can produce 100 burns and 100 heat shrink cycles on a single charge. The Ninja is rugged and durable for whatever situation you may find yourself splicing.   What makes the Ninja unique is the easy maintenance. Not only can you remove the electrodes without tools and clean them with the included electrode cleaning disk, but you can also remove the v-groove for easy cleaning.

The Fitel S179 is a core alignment splicer with many uses, from long-haul splicing to FTTX applications. This splicer boasts a splice time as low as 6 seconds for some fiber and a 9-second heating cycle time for some heat shrinks—all that and a battery charge that is good for 200 burns and 200 heat cycles. Like the Ninja, the S179 offers removable electrodes and a v-groove for easy cleaning. Also, like the Ninja, the S179 provides removable or fixed fiber holders depending on preference. This makes the machine fit the comfort levels of beginner-level splicers to the most advanced.

The Fitel S124M12 is a mass fusion splicer that will fit anyone that uses traditional ribbon or rollable ribbon. It is also capable of splicing both 250 micron and 200 micron. It is designed to be used in many deployments, including data centers, metro, backbone, or long-haul applications. The S124M12 kit includes 250 and 200 micron v-grooves and fiber holders, the S218R-200 thermal stripper, and the S326R precision ribbon cleaver, so you will be prepared for any ribbon fiber you find yourself using.

Fitel has a machine that will suit your needs in whatever situation you find yourself in. Please contact the CBM rep nearest you for any questions or training or if you want to see any of these machines in person.


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