The FITEL s179 fusion splicer

FITEL S179 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

The FITEL S179 Splicer is a Core Alignment Fusion Splicer that delivers fast and reliable optical fiber splicing even under harsh environmental conditions. Offering a wide range of capabilities, this fusion splicing machine opens the door to an entirely new range of applications.

It was designed with end-users and rugged field use in mind. The FITEL S179 Fusion Splicer delivers rapid splicing and heating for consistent results, splice after splice. Suitable for use with ultra-bend insensitive and large area effective fibers, this fusion splicing machine is an excellent choice for various deployments, including data centers, Metro, and FTTx.

A broad range of new features that enhance communication, ease of use, portability, and field durability combined to make the S179 Fusion Splicer one of the most influential and user-friendly fusion splicing machines available today. The removable V-Grove, allows the user to better clean the unit and keep the S179 Splicer in the field and not in the shop.

Some of the Features and Benefits are Fast and consistent fiber splicing for exceptional performance. The NEW design features enhanced ease of use, maintenance, speed, and Shock Resistance. A Large capacity internal battery charging system allows 200 splicing cycles (splicing/heating) in one charge. With a Wide splicing chamber for easy fiber loading, Lower profile, lighter weight design enhances portability, Powerful, high-propulsion motor (8N) for stable splicing, Compatible with Splice-On-Connectors (SOC). It has a Touch Screen: a 4.3-inch wide LCD screen with a touch panel for easy, intuitive operation. Illumination Lamp: 3 upper + 1 lower LED lights to illuminate the entire splicing chamber, Detachable V-Groove: Easy maintenance and lens cleaning, Near Field Communication (NFC): Lock and unlock Splicer via smartphone (only for Android phones, ver. 4.1 or later). It has Wi-Fi Networking: Communication between Splicer and smartphone, High Speed: 6 seconds of splicing time and 9 seconds of heating time.

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