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GMP Introduces the Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine

General Machine Products has improved its Cable Blowing lineup with the new Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine. The Hurricane fills the gap between the Airstream and Jetstream. It handles larger fibers and ducts sizes and works off 110/220 VAC.  It has been designed to maximize protection for micro cables with a compliant double drive concept, backed by the latest technology in servo controls to precisely control torque and speed. Good Speed and Torque control is vital to maintain a constant push on your fiber. Single-person operation with safe, easy-to-operate ergonomic controls combines low maintenance and high reliability to form the machine’s key features. The Hurricane installs an Industry-leading range of cables with one machine. It can handle Cable Size from 2.5mm to 14mm and Duct Size from 5mm to 25mm.  In the GMP family of blowers, the Hurricane gives the user the ability to install some of the smallest Microfibers for Data Centers or Enterprise applications and up to larger fiber and duct for FTTH projects. In addition, it comes with an Android Tablet for its Advanced Data Logging software so that you will have all your data at your fingertips. Here is a list of some of the main features of the Hurricane:
  • Dual Digital servo motor drive system digital offers a versatile blend of cutting-edge technology and proven results.
  • Digital cable speed and length monitoring provides the most accurate readings.
  • Advanced data logging system measures speed, force, distance, GPS location, and environmental conditions. These measurements provide the user documentation to maintain and stay within the Manufactures’s specifications of installation of their fiber.
  • It has a Forward and reverse, Integral air valve and pressure gauge.
  • The Hurricane installs an Industry-leading range of cables with one machine, which gives the user one of the most flexible blowers on the market with its easy cable threading, Automatic Cable centralizing, Polycarbonate safety guarding, Synchronous high grip profiled compliant drive belts. This gives the user the confidence to know fiber, and the user is protected.
  • It is Lightweight and compact, Vertical design with ergonomic controls for ease of operation. In addition, the vertical design gives you the best belt contact for greater pushing power in the larger GMP Tornado.
  • Like the rest of the GMP Blower line, the Hurricane is Low maintenance.
  • Variable torque and speed controls via remote give you easy access to the Hurricane controls, making a single-person operation.
  • The Hurricane comes with a Travel case and tool kit.
To order your GMP Hurricane Cable Blowing Machine contact us. The Hurricane works best using this Micro-Fiber cable blowing air compressor. GMP Hurricane Configuration GMP Hurricane Cable Kits

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