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Guy Strain Insulators – Preformed Line Products INSULIGN

Guy strain insulators, a common piece of electrical equipment, protect against any stray current on the guy strand. These insulators are meant to be installed under tension to electrically isolate down & pole to pole guy strands.

For many years technicians accomplished this by using a small porcelain insulator called a johnny ball. But, unfortunately, the porcelain johnny ba­ll had limitations, such as its size and tendency to become brittle eventually and fracture. So now, this job is commonly accomplished by using a fiberglass guy strain insulator, such as the INSULIGN from Preformed Line Products.

Compared to porcelain strain-type insulators, PLP’s fiber glass guy strain insulators provide a greater insulative distance, minimizing dry and wet flashover potential and severity. In addition, fiberglass guy strain insulators provide a more durable solution compared to conventional porcelain insulators.

INSULIGN Guy Strain Insulators utilize a proprietary veiled fiberglass rod that allows superior performance when exposed to UV conditions. They are available in load ratings ranging from 16K-36K lbs. and varying lengths ranging from 12” – 144” inches. They also feature seven different crimped fitting combinations, ensuring consistent high-performance holding strength configured to work for a wide range of applications.

Guy Strain Insulator Specifications chart

The INSULIGN features hardware that is hot dipped galvanized per ATSM standard A153, or A123. As with everything from Preformed Line Products, these are manufactured, tested, and verified to meet PLP’s high-quality standards to make sure that PLP is always “the connection you can count on.”

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