AEL LED Floodlights for substations

LED Floodlights by AEL – Light Up your Substations

Don’t let your substation remain in the dark, literally.  One of the best security measures you can deploy at an electrical substation is good lighting. So let American Electric Lighting (AEL) floodlights provide outstanding nighttime visibility inside your substations.

Are you tired of stocking various HID bulbs (100-watt, 250-watt, 400-watt, pulse start, probe start, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, etc.)?  Are you tired of wasting time and money replacing those bulbs in HID fixtures?  Would you mind letting us make a friendly suggestion? Instead of changing bulbs, use that time to replace the entire fixture with a bright, shiny, new AEL LED floodlight. Then, you won’t have to worry about your substation lighting for 20 years.  This investment can pay for itself in record time. So don’t delay getting your new AEL LED floodlights on order.

The AEL LED Floodlights can be outfitted with protective covers to ensure longevity

AEL floodlights come in many lumen levels sized to replace 100-watt through 1000-watt HID fixtures. AEL manufacturers these floodlights to ease the replacement process using either tenon slip fitter knuckle or yoke mount options. In addition, tool-less entry and pre-wired three-stage terminal blocks eliminate the need to open luminaires to the wire, reducing installation time.

Suppose you want to see additional information on AEL’s floodlights. In that case, you can use this link:  ACP LED Utility Floodlights | American Electric Lighting (  CBM is a premier American Electric Lighting representative that can assist you will all your lighting needs.

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