Leviton Antimicrobial

Let’s face it, bacteria is everywhere, we find ourselves constantly cleaning to remove bacteria from everyday items we interact with daily. These items range from TV remotes to light switches. How would you feel if you knew one item in your house or hospital room, is designed to reduce the growth of bacteria 99.9%?

Leviton offers a line of switches and stainless steel wallplates that are made with an antimicrobial additive embedded into their materials which helps prevent the growth of many common bacteria, odor-causing mold and fungi.  When cleaned regularly, that additive works to reduce 99.9% of bacterial growth on our switch and wallplate surfaces!

Antimicrobial Treated Devices are completely protected with antimicrobial material and allow for seamless integration into many areas within healthcare facilities, hospitality venues, educational institutions, commercial kitchens or any space where maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is a concern.

These devices combine the top-of-the-line quality and peak performance of our Industrial Grade AC toggle switches and stainless steel wallplates with EPA registered silver ion additives.  The materials protect the switches and wallplates from the growth of harmful and common bacteria on their surfaces and helps keep them cleaner.

Some Features & Benefits of Antimicrobial Treated Devices:

  • Independently lab tested and proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria on devices
  • Switches available in single pole and three-way functionalities
  • Wallplates available in single- and double-gang toggle configurations
  • Wallplate is resistant to scuffing, fingerprints and endure tests with common cleaning agents

Please visit www.leviton.com/antimicrobial for more information.


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