Maximizing Your Fiber Network with a Duraline Microduct Override

The demands on a fiber optic network today are constantly changing; whether it is for broadband services, smart-city, or smart-grid solutions, fiber networks are continually pushing their limits.  So how can our existing fiber networks keep up?  Microtechnology.  Though this technology is not new, the market has blown up over recent years and can be a great solution to several problems.

It makes sense to plan ahead for the future and put in a network that is set up for flexibility and growth.  That is why Duraline’s FuturePath product is such a good solution for new fiber optic networks.  With FuturePath, customers can utilize multiple pathways within a single conduit, and gain superior flexibility and scalability, while saving on construction costs and overal cost of ownership.

But what about existing networks?  Did you know that individual micro-ducts can be installed in existing conduit even if there is existing cable in the duct?  Every fiber network in the country has existing fiber already in duct so an override with microduct can be a simple solution.  An override consists of jetting in (with air pressure) one, two, or even several individual microducts into an existing conduct.  If an existing cable is already in place, a y-block adapter is used to separate the existing fiber cable and keep it sealed while allowing the new microducts to be installed right over the top without harm to the existing cable.  Upon installation of the microducts, the new “micro-fiber” cables can be installed or “blown” into the new microducts very quickly.  Without any new digging or permitting, an override is an excellent way to maximize existing networks and reduce construction costs.

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Tim Locker

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Currently pursuing BS, Business Administration, Grantham University