The richards manufacturing network housing protecting a network

Network Protectors By Richards Manufacturing Better Performance

Richards Manufacturing produces all makes and models of Network Protectors to meet any network requirements. They offer 800A to 5100A protectors and voltages of 125/216V, 277/480V, 347/600V, and more.

Richards is the largest manufacturer of Network Protectors in the world. They manufacture ultra-reliable products to exceed industry standards. Their designs have proven themselves in the harshest environments for decades. Richards offers custom builds for each of our customers’ unique requirements. Furthermore, their one-of-a-kind inventory of replacement and spare components enables them to provide an enhanced level of service for their customers.

The Richards D-Design System is a significant improvement in Network Protector enclosure performance. Traditional gasket systems form a seal by compressing a tubular gasket against a “knife-edge.” However, several factors, including over-tightening of door bolts, deformation of the gasket, and insufficient maintenance, make water ingress a common occurrence. The D-Design System combines the following features to create the most advanced and dependable Network Protector enclosure ever designed.

the richards manufacturing network protector housing provides improved network performance

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