two nVent Hoffman standing enclosures with the doors open revealing the interior of the enclosure

nVent Hoffman Universal Free-Stand Enclosures

Hoffman’s Universal Free-Stand (UFS) enclosures join Hoffman’s existing enclosures lineup. The Hoffman Universal Free-Stand enclosure reduces assembly time while improving control panel safety. Hoffman’s Universal Freestand (UFS) enclosure has six base enclosures with a universal type rating of 4, 4X, 12, 3R, IP66, and IK10 to be configured to meet a wide range of customer’s large enclosure needs.

The Universal Free-Stand

The Universal Free-Stand reduces labor costs by having lighter doors, an improved center post, panel gliders for easy back panel installation, and a state-of-the-art interlock system. With the addition of side panels, the Universal Free-Stand enclosure allows for additional component mounting space. Despite this adjustment, the enclosures maintain the type rating of the enclosure. In addition, users can quickly separate voltage between enclosure bays with our barrier panels, false floor, and the state-of-the-art interlock.

An nVent Hoffman Standing enclosure with the doors open

The Hoffman Universal Free-Stand enclosure has various accessories to quickly improve safety, add panel space, and provide cleaner cable runs. These are all achieved by adding side panels to increase component mounting space, a Type 1 rated false floor to provide a cleaner aesthetic, and improved cable separation. The filler panels allow continuous mounting across multiple back panels, improving component density. The panel gliders for the Universal Free-Stand are a unique tool that helps heavy back panels to be loaded into place quickly and efficiently. This panel configuration protects against accidental panel drop during installation and reduces install time by up to 30%.

nVent Hoffman Offerings

The Universal Free-Stand is available in Right Side open, Both Sides open, or Left Side open. These configurations allow adding additional bays on the fly in an ever-changing environment. Quickly move from a two-bay enclosure to a three- or four-bay enclosure quickly. The Universal Free-Stand from Hoffman offers endplates to close off an enclosure without adding another bay. The design saves space while giving the flexibility to add an additional bay for future expansion.

The Hoffman Universal Free-Stand enclosure portfolio speed design and modification with easy accessory choices for large Unibody enclosures. These standard enclosures ship faster, modify, assemble faster and increase safety, providing your customers more time. In addition, to the state-of-the-art interlock system keeping high voltage bays shut, you can add a Hoffman Sequestr for a complete safety solution.

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