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Phone Calls, The Hidden Secret to Relationship Building

Life today can be hectic.  Kids’ activities, covid, and work tasks can seem insurmountable at times, and we need to be able to juggle it all to be effective in our world. Communication is a key area that we have to be able to multitask to make it through the day, and emails and text messages are probably your primary form of communicating your thoughts, as are most working adults. However, what if I told you that picking up the phone and making that call would make you stand out?

In today’s world, emails and texts are fluid. We send small messages all day, every day, small segments of thought that you don’t usually even consider.  When you send these messages, they get lost in the sea of other messages that may or may not get viewed immediately, if at all, and with spam filters and junk flowing in and out of inboxes by the minute, who knows if your target dedicated any time to that notification?

When you pick up the phone, you start to develop a relationship and create a connection, and when that happens, honest conversations begin to occur. The ebb and flow of thoughts and feelings give opportunity, and opportunity begins to create action (and in business, action creates sales).

So, when do we pick up that phone? When do we break an email chain or text chain to have a conversation? I think it’s simple, anytime you want to strengthen a relationship, or you want/need information in totality instead of in clumps. Think about it for a moment, you’ve emailed a client asking them to make decisions about your products, and they will more than likely have questions, so why not pick up that phone and ask them so that they can, in turn, have a conversation with you? You might be missing additional ways to help them because emails tend to make people hyper-focus on the exact questions asked instead of the totality of the scenario.  What if it’s time-sensitive? Are you going to rely on that person to see your email out of the hundreds of unread they already have and open yours immediately, or should you pick up that phone and get the clarification or information needed so that the task at hand is handled far before a time crunch sets in.

There will always be emails and texts flowing. These have become so part of our daily life that we don’t even notice what we do. I checked my counts over the last week, 630 emails and 744 texts from/to me alone in 5 days. But only a call log of 34 voice calls. So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call.  Your competition probably isn’t as much as it should, so why not take that extra step and cement your relationship? And let’s not even get started on the power of a handwritten note!

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David Edwards

Account Manager


AS, General Education & Business Marketing, Columbia College