PLP Squirrel Deterrent System

The PLP Squirrel Deterrent System (SDS) is intended to prevent squirrels from gaining access to electrical components within the distribution system, where they cause outages.  Statistics show that squirrels cause more outages than any other species of wildlife. They have a tendency to use conductors as a means of getting into substations and on to transformers or switches where the energized conductors and the ground potential are close enough together that the squirrel can short them together. This will result in equipment damage and failure as well as fatally harming the squirrel.  The SDS standard unit can be assembled in minutes and It will accommodate conductors up to 1.5″ in diameter and can be used on voltages up to 69 kV.


• Fully UV stabilized

• Easy to install

• No tools required

• Customize to fit application

• Cost effective

• Lightweight


Rick Brethosrt

Account Manager


BA, Economics, Eastern Illinois University MA, Economics, Eastern Illinois University