transgard substation protection fence around a substation

Proven Protection – Transgard Fencing Covers Over 3000 Substations

TransGard has your solution for climbing and crawling critters. Whether snakes, raccoons, or squirrels, we will keep animals out and the lights on.  TransGard fencing installs on the ground, requiring no postholes, foundation, or concrete. As a result, TransGard requires far less material, expense, and time than a perimeter fence.  The modular design allows construction using a series of panels that enables a flexible and modular design; any section can be used as a hinged gateway, providing quick maintenance access. Substations can easily reuse panels, reconfigure a fence, or add new panels to expand a system.

Other benefits of TransGard fences are easy installation and an engineered entryway.  The entryway offers substation access through a non-electrified entry system, designed with a smooth finish and tight clearances to prevent animal intruders.  Surprisingly, three crew can complete a 300-foot enclosure in just four hours with essential tools—no special training, no heavy equipment, and no power interruption required during installation.

The fence’s strength is due to being built with a combination of durable materials and galvanized steel bases. In addition, specially designed circular stand bases create a robust, level fencing system. Made with stainless steel, aluminum, and PVC that conforms to the UL94 V-0 flammability standard for plastics, TransGard fencing protects your assets by minimizing the spread of fire and reducing maintenance.

TransGard has recently released an anchoring system that can be added to existing fences.  TransGard’s Wind Anchoring System will secure your Standard or Premium Snake Fence System, including Primary and Secondary Entryways, on various surfaces from sand to asphalt. It can withstand a pull-out force of up to 14,000 lbs.

TransGard Wind Anchoring System.

a crewman installing the transgard wind anchoring system

A set of transgard wind anchor system screws

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