richards manufacturing now offers pace savings for switchgear enclosures

Richards Manufacturing – Pace Savings For Switchgear Enclosures

Richards Manufacturing is an innovator in developing 600-amp termination products for the electrical industry. Richards designed the 600-amp T Body with a built-in load break tap plug, and it has been a helpful addition for technicians. This unit is available in both cold shrink and standard elbow. Richards also offers a choice of compression or shear bolt connector. The shear bolt connector application shortens stacking height in your enclosure by approximately 2¾”.

Cold shrink 600-amp dead break T Body elbows reduce installation time and stress on the technician. Instead of installing a cable adaptor, the CSH uses a stress control mastic, simplifying installation steps and processes.

This product is also available in standard configuration with a cable adaptor. To purchase this product, check our Richards Manufacturing page today!

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