Save Time and Money on CT Testing with Megger

Consider Megger for your CT testing needs, with two units available we have the most comprehensive units on the market.  The MRCT can do all tests simultaneously saving your company time.  The MRCT comes with or without an onboard display and all tests can be reviewed and uploaded in Power dB software (no charge for Power dB lite version which fully operates the MRCT).  The MRCT has increased measurement accuracy to support metering class CT testing and it is the smallest and lightest 2kV secondary voltage injection unit on the market.  As an option the unit can be supplied with an integrated single phase relay to have another tool in the field for relay trouble shooting.

The MVCT is the newest addition to our CT testing family.  This unit has the ability to test both VT and CT with easy to use one-button automated test plans.  MVCT has an industry leading test duration using patented simultaneous tap measurements.  This unit is the smallest and lightest unit on the market and can still test CT knee points up to 30kV.  The onboard display comes standard with the MVCT.  Please review the short video below for additional information on the CT/VT/CVT test units from Megger:


Todd Johnson

Account Manager


BSME, University of Arkansas MBA, Webster University