Siemens Surge Arresters 3EK8

Selecting the correct surge arrester based on the application can protect your costly equipment from damages due to overvoltage surges.  Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Motors, CT’s and PT’s, and Complete Switchgear all benefit from the protection of the proper surge arrester.

Distribution class surge arresters are ideally suited for the reliable protection of transformers, circuit breakers, medium-voltage switchgear, and distribution lines.

Overvoltage surges come from different sources such as Switching over voltages and Lightning over voltages.  To combat overvoltage surges, the generally recommended installation points are:

  • Transitions in overhead line – cable
  • Entrance of overhead lines into a station
  • In the HV-bushing area of transformers
  • At breakers & in parallel to shunt reactors

The new 3EK8 is Siemens’ solution for distribution class surge arresters.  The 3EK8 is available for heavy duty applications with duty cycle voltages up to 36 kV, and for riser pole applications with duty cycle voltages up to 27 kV.

The silicone rubber housing is directly molded onto the metal oxide (MO) blocks, integrating the end fittings during the molding process. It is hermetically sealed to prevent moisture ingress and partial discharges.  Made of 100% high-temperature vulcanized (HTV) silicone rubber, the 3EK8 is both hydrophobic and UV proof.

Service life expectancy is 25 years.  Most sizes readily available and in stock.  Additional accessories are available on request.

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