bird deterrent system for electric substations by transgard

TransGard’s Laser Bird Defense a safe, high-tech bird deterrent

Over the last few decades, bird incursions have been one of the top causes of outages and equipment damage in substations, not to mention the cost of cleanup due to corrosive bird droppings. Unfortunately, the existing bird deterrents such as coverups, noisemakers, fog machines & fake predators only provide spotty or temporary relief. Now, TransGard is happy to offer a superior bird deterrent solution, the Laser Bird Defense.

The Laser Bird Defense (LBD) is a fully automated system that provides continuous performance after initial setup. The LDB works by generating a high-powered beam of green light that birds see as a physical threat, which causes them to disperse to seek safety.  It is a programable system with multiple patterns and time slots. This allows substation managers to establish a variety of repelling patterns at different times of the day to target trouble spots selectively. This sets the LBD apart from existing solutions because, unlike the conventional methods, birds will not become accustomed to the changing patterns of the Laser Bird Defense system. This bird deterrent system will discourage birds from entering and roosting the substation altogether, seeing the area as unsafe.

TransGard’s LBD sets itself apart from the competition in several key ways:

  • Fast, long-lasting results: LBD installs easily, without needing to take an outage, and provides immediate disruption of bird presence
  • Better for animals and the environment: LBD offers a silent, noiseless, and smoke-free solution that won’t harm birds, other animals or disturb neighbors
  • No habituation: Birds can become accustomed to some deterrents. But because of its dynamic motion, LBD continually delivers effective bird repelling.

Help prevent climbing animal outages: By preventing birds from nesting in substations, LBD helps eliminate a food source that draws climbing animals like snakes and raccoons into substations.

transgard laser bird defense system helps the electric power industry

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