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UV Light Disinfection Technology – How to Safely Return to the Office

Workplace safety is a top priority for everyone in the electrical/utility industry. So, why would it be any different when considering safety in the office?  Now more than ever, companies acknowledge that employee health is an integral part of office safety.  A safe workplace is free from harmful bacteria and viruses, but continual cleaning is not an easily sustainable practice.  Luckily, Acuity Brands has the answer for everyone when it comes to offering a safe and healthy workplace.  UV light disinfection technology is here. The technology will ensure your return to the workplace is smooth. Your people can rest assured they are in a safe environment, being protected by the most advanced technology available.  The only question remaining is—which UV technology is best for you?

UV Light Disinfection from Acuity Brands

Acuity offers two solutions that can be used while the space is occupied. Their third intense cleaning solution meant for unoccupied space.  The Care222® filtered 222nm far-UVC light for continual air & surface disinfection is designed to be used wherever people gather and interact. The ideal application for this continual disinfection technology is when the goal is to inactivate pathogens as soon as they enter the space.  Care222® is designed to meet today’s American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) safety guidelines for exposure to a filtered 222nm far-UVC light source when used within appropriate parameters.  Care222® technology is available in the BLT from Lithonia Lighting®, HDM from Healthcare Lighting®, EVO® from Gotham® Lighting, and the Whisper from Mark Architectural Lighting™.

Another modern approach to UV germicidal upper air room treatment offered by Acuity is the Onboard Air Disinfection Technology (Concealed 254nm).  The air chamber is sealed, so there is no UV light present in the space. As a result, the UV light disinfection technology is inherently safe and does not risk of degrading any room materials.  Utilizing 254nm UV wavelengths, the pathogen-contaminated air comes up through the chamber and passes through a concealed chamber containing 254nm wavelengths that treat the air automatically and continuously. Then the treated air exits the compartment into the room.

Unoccupied Space Rapid Pathogen Reduction Systems

Acuity’s third and most effective solution is the Intense Air & Surface Disinfection Technology (Pulsed Xenon – Broad Spectrum Technology).  This intense disinfection solution is designed for rapid reduction of the pathogenic bioburden while a space is unoccupied.  Pulsed Xenon UV disinfection technology has a hidden module installed in the ceiling for complete room coverage. Alternatively, the unit can be installed lower on the wall to treat hard-to-reach spaces.  PulseX is intended to be utilized in unoccupied areas, which is ensured through controls.  The product includes an onboard occupancy sensor that turns the product off if motion is detected. An additional layer of management that verifies a space is unoccupied is required.

Ideal applications for intense air and room disinfection solutions are high-touch spaces that can be treated while occupants are NOT present. PulseX utilizes a broad spectrum of UVA, UVB, and UVC wavelengths delivered in intense pulses every six seconds that damage the pathogen beyond repair. In addition, the UV light inactivates viruses and bacteria by disrupting the RNA and DNA, which prevents reproduction.

Without a doubt, UV Light Disinfection Technology is the future of public and workplace safety. It should be implemented wherever possible. People will be safer and feel safer in the workplace. Also, a cleaner, healthier environment will benefit both employees and employers. In addition, fewer sick days and more alert employees can only help production and overall happiness.  For additional information on UV Light Disinfection Technology, head over to the Acuity Brands website and see for yourself or contact your local CBM Account Manager and ask how to make your workplace safer with UV Disinfection Technology.

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