Check vacuum bottle integrity with megger's vidar

Vacuum Bottle Integrity – Check Integrity Quickly with Megger’s Vidar

Are you converting to vacuum reclosers? Megger’s VIDAR can help you check recloser vacuum bottle integrity during commissioning. Use VIDAR to check vacuum bottles during regular maintenance intervals as well.  In addition, technicians can also check vacuum bottles on medium voltage circuit breakers with this same piece of equipment.

The megger Vidar tests vacuum bottle integrity

The VIDAR enables customers to check the integrity of the vacuum interrupter quickly and conveniently. VIDAR uses the known relationship between the flashover voltage and the integrity of the vacuum interrupter. A suitable amount of DC voltage is applied to the interrupter, and instantly displays a pass/fail indication of the vacuum bottle integrity.

Watch the video below to see how VIDAR goes beyond DC Hipot testing.

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