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Wire Basket Trays Will Cut Costs by Over 50%

Would you like to reduce your labor costs on installing a wire mesh tray by over 50%? I have been selling wire basket trays for more than 20 decades. Over the years, people often ask what tray is out there in the market that is the least labor-intensive that would help my bottom line. There are several wire basket tray manufacturers in the United States. Unfortunately, many people believe that they are all the same and that they are all labor-intensive because each section needs to be fastened using clips which is time-consuming.

There is a solution in the market that is self-connecting which allows installers to connect tray lengths in a single snap eliminating the need for excess tools. The manufacturer who makes this is the Avon, Ohio-based company: Chalfant. This Snap-On mesh cable tray is called GR-Magic, which will save contractors over 50% on installation costs.

  • UL-approved mesh cable tray system
  • System accessories such as the clip-on barrier strip for fast installation
  • Function maintenance tested
  • Approved potential free bonding system
  • Patented Snap-On splicing system for fast and easy installation
  • Available in 1-, 2- and 4-inch side heights and up to 24 inches in width
  • Finishes – Electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel
  • Accessories include a complete line of bends, T’s, intersections, dividers, covers, connectors, and blind ends

Chalfant also offers a full complement of other innovative cable tray and wire management systems which include the following. You can find these products along with a complete line of accessories on Chalfant’s website.

  • Trough Tray
  • Walkable tray
  • Channel Tray
  • Ladder Tray

For a quality self-connecting wire mesh tray with labor savings of over 50%, contact your local CBM rep today.

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