Remember when you’d pull 4 Cat 5 drops to each workstation area and be done? Those days are long past. Today’s smart buildings include not only Category 6A and fiber infrastructure, but many types of smart and wireless devices, including video cameras, HVAC controls, IoT devices, door sensors, broadband networks, digital lighting, Wi-Fi, small cell, and whole host of different mobile devices.

In this complex environment, needs will extend beyond cable testing.  The test equipment you choose must deliver more capability for less dollars. Some key features TestPro delivers include:

  • Copper certification from Category 3 – 8
  • 6 second CAT6A Autotest including optional parameters such as TCL, DC Resistance Unbalance and more.
  • Fiber optic certification of multimode and single mode
  • Fiber inspection and troubleshooting
  • PoE device and source testing
  • Bandwidth verification to 10 Gbps
  • Network traffic generation, discovery and connection validation
  • Wi-Fi discovery and testing

TestPro Capabilities

TestPro is a flexible, upgradable platform. Only pay for what you need now, then add software and/or modules as conditions dictate.

  • All product kits come with two full function platforms, each with their own certificate of calibration.
  • Two platforms mean complete test results are displayed on both Main and Remote and Autotest can be initiated from either end.
  • In cases where you are performing tests into a switch such as PoE, Multi-Gigabit, BASE-T and Wireless Network testing, each platform can be independently deployed giving you double the test equipment to get the job done.